Roller Coaster Proposal

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This Is Actually The Craziest Wedding Proposal Of Most. Damn. Time.

It’s difficult to know what Austin Crecelius ended up being considering when he proposed to his sweetheart Allie on a moving roller coaster. “never decrease the ring,” would need to end up being on top of the list.

“i am hoping my friends are getting this on video,” might possibly be a detailed second.

Seemingly, at some point in their own crazy union, Allie told Austin that existence was like a roller coaster, with its downs and ups. He latched onto this notion, foregoing an elegant bistro or walk-on the beach for “The Voyage” at Holiday community.

Investigate video below. As Austin releases into his spiel and begin to go up, Allie begins spending even more awareness of this lady boyfriend compared to coming drop. He is in Speech form, perhaps not their regular talking sound. She will inform something is actually up.

“Life has its pros and cons, twists and changes,” states Austin, “plus it simply tosses you for a cycle sometimes.”

“But it’s a lot more fun with a pal,” the guy goes on. Once he reaches “therefore i desired to ask you to answer…” Allie is actually overcome with feeling.

As well tackle to react a great deal into the terrifying ancestry that employs. But by the time they reach bottom, she’s smiling.

And making this hand gesture — like, “Dude, exactly what the hell had been that?”

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Great on Austin for incorporating one butterflies-in-the-stomach occasion with another for a proposition his girlfriend wouldn’t forget about. And good-luck towards the brand-new pair. Here is wishing that, regardless of the ups and downs to their future journey collectively, its filled with delights.